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Mastodon: Another relocation

Hardly created, the Mastodon instance will soon be taken out of service again.

There are several reasons for this:

  1. Over the weekend this instance had massive performance problems. Feathered posts appeared with 6h delay in the timelines of this instance.
    This is due to a misbehavior on my part: I added three relay instances. Stupid rookie mistake.

However, I could not elicit what the problem was through the limited dashboard provided by the hoster. All I see there is the size of the database and the memory consumption of the media files. Everything was in the green area. But the available status page does not open since more than 48h. Not even now (white page).

  1. My originally favored hoster has again opened his offer over the weekend for new customers.
  2. My new hoster will have the servers in Europe.
  3. The administration portal for the instance hoster is more transparent and extensive in function.
  4. Learning by repetition! 🙂